A group of mountain bikers had signed up for the London to Brighton cycle ride which unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid-19. However, not to be put off the group decide to still go using a slightly different route.

The group of 5 left on a Saturday evening at just before midnight on their epic adventure. A distance more than many of them had ever ridden in a single ride. Nonetheless they arrived in Brighton just before 9am.

In terms of the logistics they hired a mini coach with trailer and a driver from AMWIN to transport them back from Brighton.

Mini coach with trailer with driver hire
Jamie Garside – mountain biker

“I did a bit of research on the logistics of coming back in some comfort and found a great operator called AMWIN, that had a luxury mini coach waiting for us on the seafront with cold beers on board and a box trailer for our bikes. Quite cost effective to be honest and a great service. They locked up the bikes in the trailer and gave us a couple of hours to go and have breakfast and a beer before with multiple drop-offs!”

Luxury mini coach for return London journey