It’s a cool February day but dry as I pull up outside a smart house in Beaconsfield in a luxury 9-seater mini coach for a trip to Twickenham. Here I meet a group of casual dressed men with a variety of bags to be taken to see the England vs Ireland 6 Nations match at Twickenham.

Upon getting on the 9-seater super luxury silver mini coach they are immediately impressed by the rear and forward facing leather seats with tables in between and plenty of leg room. They soon settle down take in the comfort and look out of the tinted glass windows as the sun starts to finally put in an appearance.

As this is the third match for both teams and with the Triple Crown at stake for both its an exciting day for the rugby tournament at Twickenham. The group start the journey with a hot drink from the on board coffee and drinks machine. Once everybody has their drinks then they all sit down to watch the highlights from matches earlier in the tournamnet on the drop down DVD, Video screens located throughout the mini coach.

Several of the passengers use the on board WiFi to check the latest betting odds for today’s match before placing a few bets – most seem placed with their heart rather than their heads as the bets pile on England to win the match.

The mini coach provides a smooth and comfort ride to Twickenham and we arrive in good time at 11.15am and park in the North Car Park. With the seats in the west stand the car park is ideal being only a short walk to the seats and easily accessible at the end of the match. There is an air of expectancy as the group set off to have a look around the stadium and soak up the atmosphere.

Once the group return the large cool box has been well stocked and the on board champagne and wine refrigerator is used for 2 bottles of champagne which are opened to accompany the lunch.

Once suitable refreshed and having discussed the results yesterday the group heads back to the stadium for the match. England start the match well and dominate the first half and by the interval are leading 17 points to nil. In the second half England continue to dominate although Ireland do finally score some points and the match ends England 24 Ireland 12.

The group arrive back at the mini coach shortly after the final match in a jubilant mood having had a really good day at Twickenham. The mini-coach glides through the streets of west London as it heads back to the M4, then M25 before the M40 back to Beaconsfield.

The men settle down into the comfortable seats and have a few further drinks from the on-board refrigerator thinking of what could have happened if England had beaten France on the first weekend of the tournament. However still the opportunity to win the 6 Nations tournament with plenty of scope for twists and turns before its finally decided.

They all agreed it was a great day and would be back next year having agreed to hire the same luxury mini coach which had provided them with superb facilities and very comfortable transport to Twickenham and back.

See you next year.